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Church Photo Gallery: 

Here are some photos of inside and outside our church building.

Our church exterior from the parking lot.
Our church exterior from the parking lot.
Our church exterior. The doors on the right are the ones most often used during the week.
White Pine Cafe in the lobby.
Fireside Lounge in lobby.
White Pine Cafe in lobby.
Welcome Centre desk in lobby.
Lounge area in lobby.
New windows in the Evergreen Hall.
Evergreen Hall.
Our Sanctuary
A view from the stage shows the entrance to the sanctuary along with our balcony seating.
Our children's library is open to all in our church and community. We have an extensive collection of great books and DVDs for kids as well as resources for parents.
Our set-up for Catalyst Youth in the Creekside Room
New windows in the Creekside Room
Games tables in the Creekside Room
Ping Pong table in the Creekside Room
Pool table and lounge area in the Creekside Room.