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What is Pastoral Care?

Pastoral Care is an organized means of reaching out to those in our church family who have needs in various areas, including, but not limited to:

  • Prayer;
  • Illness;
  • Separation and/or Divorce
  • Home-bound and/or Loneliness;
  • Death of a loved one;
  • Seniors;
  • Meal Provision and Food Coordination in times of need;
  • Various forms of practical support;
  • Friendship Pad Follow-up
  • Involvement with the community in the distribution of food hampers (FAMSAC); and,
  • Communion (in home or hospital)

Who is on the Pastoral Care Team?

The Pastoral Care Team comprises a group of caring people who minister by listening, praying and by providing practical support. Most team members have attended a ten week training program to develop necessary skills, and to provide them with the ability to respond in crisis situations. Although members of the Pastoral Care Team do not offer counseling, they can provide you references, if you would like. Ongoing training programs provide team members with opportunities for further skill development in care ministry areas. The team meets regularly for mutual support, training, sharing of ideas on how best to help others, and to ensure that the needs of the church family are being met.  All interactions with the Pastoral Care Team are strictly confidential.

How can I get help from the Pastoral Care Team?

Contact Pastor Lynda Sinclair, the Pastoral Care Team Coordinator:

The Pastoral Care Team would like to help if you, or anyone you know is:

  • In need of prayer;
  • Shut-in, whether at home, in a hospital or a nursing home, and in need of a visit or telephone call;
  • In need of practical support such as food or transportation;
  • New to our church and looking to better connect with others;
  • Recently bereaved; or
  • Suffering from a relationship breakdown, job loss, etc.

How can I become a member of the Pastoral Care Team?

We would love for you to prayerfully consider being a part of our pastoral care team. If this is an area of ministry that would interest you, please contact Pastor Lynda Sinclair.